1. What if my staff is untrainable? Any team member can improve if they are willing to listen and put forth effort. Motivating your employees is what I love to do. Most employees want to do a good job and they deserve all the support they can to help them succeed. I teach them in a way that fits their personality and their skill level. My method is to improve the overall patient experience, scheduling to reach your financial and personal goals, boost office morale, achieve a higher level of job satisfaction and relieve weight off your shoulders.

2. What is a virtual coach? I am virtually here for you and serve clients all over the world. We simply connect over the phone or computer and you will feel like I am right by your side.

3. Will this work for my business? I would respond with, What if it does?” Using my decades of experience, I have a proven track record of success. The simple and effective approach I have created will help take your business to new heights.

4. What do I need to prepare for the call? All you need is to be ready to discuss your goals, frustrations and obstacles in your dental practice. You can trust me to be the professional, non-judgmental, and encouraging coach or mentor you need.

5. What if we’re in different time zones? When you reserve a call, my calendar will show consultation times available in your time zone. When you make your appointment, the confirmation email and calendar will automatically adjust for your time, so you don’t have to worry about translating time-zones. If you prefer, you may send me an email with your state or province and I will see what I can reserve for you.

6. What if I need to reschedule? I understand that emergencies happen. If you need to reschedule, please send an email or click on the emailed appointment for the reschedule option and we’ll work out a better time.

7. How do I know if we are the right fit? During your complimentary call, we will decide if we should work together or not. If I know I am not the right coach for what you need, I refer you to other resources to better suit your needs.

8. How much do your programs cost? I am all about helping you keep your expenses down and providing a great return on your investment. Once I know exactly what you need and feel we are a good fit, I will offer you the least expensive program that has the best value for your practice. With my experience, offices typically double their profit in about eight weeks, while gaining the skills needed to consistently grow for the rest of their career. My unique niche offers amazing results at an efficient price.    

My Ideal Clients Say:

  “I’m not making enough money.” We discuss the key performance indicators as a diagnostic tool and how to supercharge your practice. This could come in the form of marketing the practice, plugging the financial leaks, getting overhead under control, or finding ways to increase production and collections. This is usually where most dentists want to start.

Finding and keeping quality staff is my biggest stressor.” We work on attracting the right employees and having them do more than just clock in and clock out. You will learn how to uniquely advertise for the position, how the interview process should go, how to identify “red-flags”, how to encourage the talent, and acknowledging the team.

“I’m not a good leader or business person.” We develop leadership skills, identify core values, and develop a clear vision for your business. Additionally, I’ll assist you in learning to think, act, and behave like a CEO, make better decisions, and discover how to tap into the brilliance of others.

“I’m doing everything and I am very stressed out.” We look for ways to eliminate energy drains, find balance between your personal and professional life, discover your passion, and get your team to complete their jobs.

My staff won’t listen to me.” This is a common issue for dentists and practice managers. I will provide you and your team with the tools to take an ownership mentality and help you understand why we do what we do. I say we, because I am a part of the team.

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