Hidden Treasures: Finding the Missing Revenue in Your Dental Practice

Hidden Treasures: Finding the Missing Revenue in Your Dental PracticeCoach Heidi Mount's claim to fame is helping dental offices make $500+ more a day on tomorrow's schedule. By sharing her unique and "anyone can do" steps, you all can transform your dental practice and live your ultimate lifestyle. She reveals exactly how each team member can help the office earn more than $10k a month and consistently reach your collection goals. You can do this in a way that cultivates a healthy, high-performing culture that loves their job and respects you. By reading her book, you will unlock hidden treasures in a modern world and learn the unspoken secrets to catapulting your business! In "Hidden Treasures" I will show you how to:

  • Relieve stress from your shoulders.
  • Develop systems that streamline your dental practice.
  • Gain your IDEAL new patients.
  • Minimize employee turnover to avoid "crisis hiring."
  • Uncover Hidden Revenue.
  • Avoid Roller-Coaster Income.
  • Improve your case acceptance so patients don't walk out the door.    
  • Develop Leadership Skills.
  • Prevent Holes In The Schedule And Schedule To Goal.

Learn how each person can add $500 more a day in your practice by knowing the action steps that all successful practice do. So many checklists, key performance indicators, scripts, creative ideas, and simple systems that improve your business consistently. Heidi provides leadership and employee traits for a win win situation. Hidden Treasures will inspire each and every team member to reach their dream destination!  

Testimonials from those that read the book:

Hidden Treasures: Finding the Missing Revenue in Your Dental Practice is all about: helping you identify the rough-cut diamonds in your backyard. Within these pages you will find a trove of diamonds for you to harvest in your dental practice.

What I want for you is to not wait for a major health trauma, or a failed relationship, or any other kind of trauma, to encourage you to make some shifts in your thinking that could potentially save your life. What I want for you is to read, work, and learn with someone who can support you in developing and implementing steps that will enable you to take back control of your practice (and your life) rather than the practice controlling you.

Consider working with an accountability partner like Heidi. Certainly, by reading Hidden Treasures: Finding the Missing Revenue in Your Dental Practice you can develop the mindset to create a new attitude. Her stories and anecdotes will masterfully guide you with her questions and insights to help you discover the beginning of the first day of a “new life.”

Over the following pages, Heidi will share with you ideas that have worked for other doctors and teams and they may work for you. What’s beautiful about her process is that you get to decide the degree of change that you want for yourself. In my case, I chose massive and fast change. For you, it may be grabbing the low-hanging fruit and moving forward in a slow and methodical pace. It’s your choice. This is what Hidden Treasures: Finding the Missing Revenue in Your Dental Practice can do for you. This book can help you on your journey.

Heidi’s insights, tools, and invaluable tips have the potential to help you create an extraordinary journey of reinvention that, if applied, will make you more money in less time while creating your exceptional life. Enjoy this journey as Heidi guides you to find your own hidden treasures at the same time she helps you get off the gerbil wheel.

By Ronald F. Arndt, DDS, MBA, MAGD, Master & Board-Certified Dental Coach  

Heidi Mount is not a “pie in the sky lifestyle change agent” –she’s a daredevil, risk-taking, hardworking virtual coach who practiced in her own lifestyle change. Her many examples of not just WHAT to do, but HOW to do it, are fascinating. I love her intertwining of family history and real-life clients combined with her vast experience as a virtual coach. In Hidden Treasures, Heidi covers every aspect of practice and life success!

Linda Miles, aka 'The Godmother of Dental Consultants"  

Heidi’s chapters are filled with wonderful, amazing content that you and your team must not only absorb, but activate to bring your practice to new heights that most never thought possible. Heidi Mount has helped and will help so many more dentists. If you implement her systems and her skill set it will allow you and your team to work much smarter for awesome success! She is right: you CAN achieve anything you want! Everything about this book is a BIG “Purple-Cow-Wow-Now!”  Five Stars, Coach Heidi!

Dr. Robert M. Pick, DDS, MS, FACD, FICD  

Heidi coaches teams with the same grit and fire that she lives her life; with truth, honesty and a solid work-ethic!  Her weaving of stories and tactics makes Hidden Treasures a refreshing must-read for every dental team. Victoria Peterson, CEO, Productive Dentist Academy   Bringing her expertise and knowledge in Hidden Treasures is just an extension of Heidi's passion. The stories contained here are synonymous with her distinction as a coach and her heart of pliancy.  Taking the lead, modeling ethnicity, and just "Diving In"!  When you get to a point when you need something more, you can't see what to do next to bring it up to the next level, Heidi's book demonstrates in an applicable way how you can escape the mediocrity and find increase in not just revenue but in a Life!  We have just ONE life to live, and it must be lived Forward.  Invest in this quick read for lasting profitability.

Susan Laine, CEO, 180 Dentist  

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