How Can I Help You?

Do you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel…running, running, running and never catching up? I strive to provide solutions to help you and your dental practice be profitable for life. You deserve to see how I can be a resource to you. Invest in yourself and I can show you how to invigorate your practice and generate more income everyday using simple tips and strategies.

I will show you how to:

  • Uncover Hidden Revenue. My knowledge and expertise can help capture revenue and plug those gaps.
  • Better Case Acceptance. Discover how easy it is to obtain a higher case acceptance rate, regardless of costs or insurance coverage.
  • Develop Leadership Skills.
  • Gain New Patients AND retain them.
  • Market Your Practice and Discover Your Niche.
  • Avoid “Crisis Hiring.”
  • Eliminate Patient Excuses. Prevent potential profit from disappearing out your back door.
  • Train and Motivate Your Team.
  • Minimize Holes In The Schedule And Schedule To Goal.

With my experience, I can see the issues with your practice in under 30 minutes. Let’s get you unstuck and identify where you should focus to move your business in the right direction. Can you imagine what doubling your profit would do for you and your family?    

Doctor, reserve your call with Coach Heidi Mount

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Why Pick Me?

My coaching approach is probably something you have never seen before. Here are some of the reasons why I could be exactly what you need:

  • I am well-known for helping your make a profit within 40 days and a ROI.
  • Simple ~ Grab your lunch and we can talk over a video conference call.
  • My niche is “Showing dentists how to make $500 more a day on tomorrow’s schedule!”
  • You, personally get ME live online twice a month.
  • “Been there done that”  work experiences. Employees relate to me, because I worked inside the dental offices for over 3 decades.
  • You will gain clarity on what you want for your business model.
  • I keep things so simple, that anyone can take action.
  • I don't require any work prior to coaching. You get my eyes on your software and schedule, I diagnose, prioritize, and coach for the fastest results.
  • I provide time-saving resources.
  • Not a cookie cutter program.
  • You virtually have me by your side and I am your biggest cheerleader.
  • We have fun!

If you would like to explore a way to build your existing dental practice or if you are searching for a dental practice startup consultant, please get in touch with me today.


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