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Heidi, one of dentistry’s finest veterans, has been in the dental community since 1989. Her extensive experience includes office management, registered and expanded function dental assistant, and training. Her unique and vast perspective to dental practice operations allows her to facilitate excellence in many areas of a dental team, leading to increased efficiency and profitability. Heidi is a speaker who is known for delivering information in a way that leaves the audience truly motivated. She is an international dental coach. Her menu of programs is available virtually allowing her to effectively help dental teams meet and exceed their goals, in a convenient and effective way. She is very well-known for assisting plateaued dentists in making more money on tomorrow’s schedule. She has the ability to take seemingly complex issues and create change through clear suggestions that are easily implemented. She understands and works well with different personalities, allowing her to coach team members and improve their key metrics. Her creativity in problem solving and the ability to propel a business forward is incredible.  

Coach Heidi Mount speaking at a dental conference
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Mark Costes, D.D.S. and Coach Heidi Mount

Mark Costes, D.D.S.

Dental Success Institute

"I had the great opportunity of watching Heidi Mount speak live on stage at the Delivering WOW Summit in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Heidi has a natural delivery and stage presence that had the audience engaged and entertained. She has an obvious command of her material and presented it in an understandable and entertaining manner. In a world of boring, tired and recycled content, Heidi is a ray of sunlight! I look forward to sharing the stage with Heidi again sometime soon."

Chris Moriarity, MA, FA, MBA using our dental consulting

Chris Moriarity, MA, FA, MBA

Vice President of the Productive Dentist Academy

"As a speaker, Heidi will stand and deliver the guidance and insight only a true expert can. If you think you've heard it all before, you haven't and Heidi reminds me of that every time."         

Jayme Amos CEO, Speaker, Consultant, Author And Podcaster

Jayme Amos CEO, Speaker, Consultant, Author And Podcaster

The Ideal Practices

"Heidi Mount is unquestionably one of my favorite leaders in dentistry. Being the CEO of a consulting firm that helps dentists open startup practices, it is one of my top priorities to support thought leaders who are proven to be trustworthy with associate dentists who are pursuing practice ownership. I gravitate toward experts in dentistry who enhance the future of private-practice success. Heidi is all those things. The generosity with which she shares her wisdom is inspiring and raises the bar for the like-minded experts. I’ve hosted live-broadcast events and shared stages with the most recognized names in the industry and Heidi fits the mold of the qualities I like working with: strong values and actionable content direct from a wonderfully approachable person. If you’re an opening startup practice who want a fully vetted, trustworthy expert – or you’re an existing practice owner who wants to be shown a plan that immediately improves your practice, directly from a person of high integrity, Heidi is who you need to listen to. I’m confident you will be impressed when you apply her knowledge."

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