Dr. Gregg May gives 5 star review of Coach Heidi Mount

Dr. Gregg May

Ponchatoula, LA

“10x Mentalitiy!! I was interested in her experience with dental software and productive hygiene. I asked her for some expertise and she gave 10x more than asked. Superstar with some credentials to back it. Thank you so much, Heidi!”



The Dental Coach™

“As a professionally trained Master Certified Coach (MCC), now retired, I have had the opportunity to experience the excellence, energy, intuitiveness and brilliance of Heidi Mount in how she enables dental practices to increase their gross receipts between $10-50K per month. Don’t you owe it to yourself to enroll the support of someone who, through her own life experiences, can support you in getting a handle around your stress, finding ways to get back to your family and personal life, encourage your team all while enhancing your profits? I admire this talented lady and invite you to reach out to her if you are tired of feeling like The Lone Ranger and trying to do all this ‘stuff’ on your own.”

Dr. Miriam Perdomo Milestone Family Dentistry | Daphne, AL

Dr. Miriam Perdomo

Milestone Family Dentistry | Daphne, AL

My strength is dentistry not business so the efforts she has initiated in my practice have been game changers. In less than a month, the systems she helped us put in place have created a culture of confidence and overall increased production. We are so grateful and highly recommend her services to anyone who asks. I find her to be kind and compassionate and she has become a personal part of our team. She is not your traditional consultant, that's for sure.

Dr. Sunny Virdi, Dr. Andrew Benga, Dr. MJ Skok, Dr. Zdan Shulakewych

Images Dental Centre | Winnipeg, Canada

"Teaming up with Heidi was a great step for Images Dental Centre. Heidi identified and helped us in the areas we needed to improve. Her ideas, concepts and direction really opened up my eyes. She excels in dentistry management. With over 14 clinical team members, 3 associates, and myself, we learned and accomplished more than I expected."

Dr. Lisa Curry

Curry Dental Center | Williamsburg, VA

“My name is Lisa Curry and I first heard Coach Heidi Mount featured on a popular dental podcast. I was very impressed with how passionate she was about helping dentists maximize profitability with the patients they already have. I took her up on the offer for a free phone consultation and she immediately shared valuable recommendations. Coach Heidi thinks out of the box! She shares strategies that can be put into action immediately, and they work. With over 20 years of experience working as a dental assistant and office manager, she knows dentistry. Her advice is not based on theory or case studies. Heidi has been in the trenches and knows her stuff.  I have had the pleasure of working with Heidi and have  seen a positive impact on the growth of my practice and development of my  team. I recommend any dentist interested in strategies to become more  successful to give Heidi a try.”

Michael Solly, D.D.S.

Knoxville Smile Center | Powell, TN

"August was our best month ever! Being a dentist since 1980, we are up nearly 30% from last year. This was our third month of coaching from Heidi Mount. I heard a webinar and thought she might be what I need. We were having a difficult time communicating as a team and developing value for our patients. She recognized that we had specific needs rather than just a cookie cutter approach. She gets to the heart of the matter with no preconceived notions. Her advice is timely and focused on specific needs that we have and she is flexible enough to change gears midstream and focus on specific problems if necessary. Most importantly she went way beyond her contract requirements and was willing to talk as needed. I value her insight and highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed."

Dr. MJ Rowland

Liverpool, United Kingdom

“Before we met Heidi, we thought we were doing pretty well but having her on the team has shown us that we can be more than just great, we can be truly remarkable. She immediately forged great bonds with my team and established herself as an authority and a friend when we had problems or needed results. She is focused, determined and her experience seems endless. She always knows the right thing to do and her results have been impressive. We had no idea how to attract the right calibre of patients and Heidi masterminded a project to fill our new dentists book with patients using her experience in marketing, sales, strategy and her infinite sense of optimism and motivation. The results were phenomenal and we more than doubled our new patient numbers with the same marketing spend. After 1 month we produced 35% more and collected 100% prior or on the  date of service! After 2 months, we doubled our revenue. I cannot recommend  Heidi enough.  She is perfectly presented, hard working and works with 100%  commitment to a project.  She also cares about our practice almost as if it were  her own business - which is so rare in this industry. She is part of our team now  and I don’t really know where we’d be without her."

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