Patients Say "YES" to You and Your Team, Not Your Dentistry.

October 12, 2017

Does it seem like business is plateaued, slowing down or stagnant these days?

Many dentists tell me things like this:

  1. “No one needs any treatment.”
  2. “My patients are mostly elderly, too young, too broke, and so on.”
  3. “What I use to do isn't working anymore.”
  4. “I never had to do so much marketing.”
  5. “I may have not hired the right staff.”
  6. “New patients are not finding me.”
  7. “My patients will only do what insurance covers.”
  8. “I am not a good leader.”
  9. “There is a dentist on every corner.”
  10. “My staff has too much turnover, too slow, need more, and the list goes on…”

Does any of this sound familiar?

I am here to say, it is not too late! I have worked with many dentists who were ready to throw in the towel or feel like their business will never improve.

It is not true. You can build a successful practice.

I love what Dale Carnegie says, "If you want to gather honey, then don't kick over the beehive." Owning your own business can be bitter sweet.

I understand that you enjoy doing the dentistry and when it comes to running to business, it can drain you...financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many dentists tell me, "I am a great dentist and my patients love me, however, I don't understand how to run a business and I need your help!" 

According to FORBES magazine: If you do not have a mentor or coach, you could be limiting your career for success.

Seriously doctor, it truly doesn't need to be so difficult. My heart is in helping you AND your team. Trust me, your team is the heart of your business and they entrust their future in the success of your office. Because I have worked behind the scenes for over 20 years, your staff relate to me. My clients say that I "know how to motivate their staff to gain the skills that it takes to get over the hump and make money."

There is no shame in having a small or plateaued dental office. What we know is if you keep doing what you are doing doctor, you will stay there. Above all, I am here to tell you that there is no reason to do it alone. Also, anyone successful at anything had some sort of support. It is time to make a change so you can make a difference. Your team counts on you to lead and invest in them.

It’s time to develop a high-performance culture that makes a profit. This truly starts with you doctor. It is time to discover how you want to run your business, how you will be represented in your community, who are your ideal patients you want to work on, and what legacy you want to leave behind? You see once you make every decision based on your core values that which you view as “right” and “true”…then you make your vision come true. It is time to develop your BRAND and enroll your team to act per your vision for the practice. I believe that once this happens, it’s a Win-Win business model.

I want to invite you to schedule with me, so you can learn the secrets on how to launch your business.

If you long to be "great", have the desire to be "important" or you would like to lead your team into more success, it is as simple as hit reply or reserve a quick chat for me to brain storm with you.

Here is what I can promise you:

  • To identify the gaps from where you are and where you want to be.
  • Ask for more intentional thoughts, behavior changes, and actions than you would do on your own.
  • Build a structure for accountability and support necessary for a sustained relationship.
  • A safe environment where you can see yourself more clearly.
  • Help reduce stress and take some weight off your shoulders.

If this tugs at your heart strings, what are you waiting for? Go get a mentor, coach, or consultant and go after your dreams. Today is the day to take action.

Much to your success,
Heidi Mount

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