Finding Employees In The Dental Field

March 24, 2022 By Heidi Mount

Lots of dentists are struggling with having enough employees or finding them. The way we looked for employees or ran advertisements don't quite work like they use to. Here are some thoughts for you to consider: Be open to hiring "Flexible Hours". Some help or shorter days is better than no help. Create an amazing culture so rumor has it that you are a great place to work. Be open to on the job ...

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Dental Start Up Tips By Coach Heidi Mount

March 11, 2022 By Heidi Mount

Have a clear written business plan (Should be at least 6 pages long with lots of details. Must include your VISION. This means you include the dream hours you want to work, the amazing team you want to work with, defining your ideal patients that appreciate you, what you are known for, etc. Know who is your IDEAL patient to attract. Do not market to EVERYONE, it's confusing to the consumer. Must have a ...

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Dentists ask, "Should I buy a dental practice or do a start up?"

March 1, 2022 By Heidi Mount

Deciding to buy a dental practice versus doing a scratch start up is a huge decision. There are many factors to know prior to jumping in to one of those choices. This is your future and a huge investment so we need to do it right. Obviously, this is a personal choice that you need to know your exact budget first. Both are great choices IF you have a clear vision and a business plan ...

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