Dental Start Up Tips By Coach Heidi Mount

March 11, 2022
  1. dental practice start-up figures and marketingHave a clear written business plan (Should be at least 6 pages long with lots of details. Must include your VISION. This means you include the dream hours you want to work, the amazing team you want to work with, defining your ideal patients that appreciate you, what you are known for, etc.
  2. Know who is your IDEAL patient to attract. Do not market to EVERYONE, it's confusing to the consumer.
  3. Must have a marketing will you get known around the community? What do you want to be known for? What platforms will you use for marketing? How often you will market? What services will you market? It is important to spend the money it takes to reach your goals in your business plan.
  4. If you have 3 ops or more....Get to 1200 patients as quick as possible.
  5. Have online scheduling and make sure the link is EVERYWHERE...on Facebook, instagram, website, email blasts, etc.
  6. Prior to opening collect as many names, phone numbers, and emails for the big launch! Don't pass out cards and expect people to call you.
  7. Record your treatment case presentation and work on improving it to get the results you want.
  8. Know every position and create standard operating manuals so training is a breeze and people can cover for each other.
  9. Set your chart of accounts up correctly so you can track expenses and improve those that are out of whack. So many times dentists don't have proper categories to understand their numbers. Do this from day 1.
  10. Don't put scary images (surgery, needles, forceps, or metal and plastic teeth on a counter, etc.) ANYWHERE! Patients don't buy that!

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