Using A Dental Coach To Hire Your Perfect Practice Team

October 18, 2019

Experienced Dental Coach

I am coaching dentists all over the world the importance of hiring right! In my opinion, this is the most important system to have in place. Hiring the wrong employees cause stress, headaches, drama and wastes your hard earn money. Keep in mind, "great employees" are usually working somewhere else and your hiring ad MUST attract the right fit for your culture.  Studies show that over 70% of employees wish they had a more enjoyable job and the majority would accept a job for less pay.

Hiring Right

What I see as a dental consultant is that when employees are disengaged from work, it's usually because they are unhappy at their job. Whether it's because they don't feel appreciated, bored, not getting to learn more, long commute or don't agree with the philosophies of the practice. If you are wanting to hire right, then write an ad to intrigue or entice applicants to apply or to invite them to your office. You want your ad to be written so well that they share it with their friends.

The Interview

Furthermore,  many dental offices, dental graduates and employees will google "interview questions". Well guess what? The interviewees applying for a dental job are probably googling for the best answers too. As I am coaching dentists, I teach them the open ended questions that allow them to see specific values and behaviors of the applicants. I recommend asking open ended questions. What I mean is questions that start with; "Tell me about when you...?" or "Tell me a time when you...? Then look them directly in their eyes and read their body language. See if they are being sincere or telling you what you want to hear. Oh and your interview starts from the moment they leave the car; How did they park? Did they open the door for the patient arriving for their dental appointment? Did they pick up the newspaper or trash on their way in to your dental practice? Did they interrupt your employee to let you know they arrived for their interview? Did they introduce them self to the front desk with a smile? Are they dressed professional or does their hair look like they just rolled out of bed?

Read Their Soft Skills

Interviewing someone for the dental industry allows you to evaluate their character, maturity, energy, communication skills, attitude, confidence, humor and much much more. As a dentist, dental practice owner or practice manager, it's important to ask yourself; "How did this applicant make me feel?" As a dental business coach, it is important to share with you that this applicant will need to be a good fit and help your patients and prospective new patients FEEL good too. People don't care how much you know; They care about how you make them feel.

Prevent Employee Turn Over

The art of hiring right is to prevent crisis hiring by employing people who love their dental job. If you are a dentist and you would like sample interview questions from a dental coach, great places to advertise or need help improving your leadership skills, please reserve your complimentary call. I would be thrilled to meet you and help you launch your dental practice in the right direction.  Best to your success, Heidi Mount

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