Benefits Of Using A Dental Coach

November 18, 2019

Dentists get very overwhelmed with running their dental practice. One common factor we see is that successful dentists use a dental coach or dental consultant. It is great to put an advocate in your corner each step of your journey. My clients tell me that their business launched so much faster. Many of them had struggled for so many years and "didn't know what they didn't know." I can understand that too. Running dental practices and reaching big goals was easy to me. However, learning about websites, blogging, social media, speaking, running conferences and such was a whole new world to me. I have used a business coach every step of the way.

I remember hearing how everyone successful who owned their own business had hired various coaches. A colleague invited me to a seminar and I realized the power of getting help. I feel very fortunate that I hired my first coach on month 3 of being an entrepreneur. Today, I am still so grateful for my coaches. Each and everyone of them sped up my process, prevented bad and costly decisions. I can tell you about the one I made before I hired one on our phone call.

Another benefit of hiring a dental coach would be to have a better focus and prioritizing where to spend your time. A dental practice consultant help you with crystal clear goal setting and help hold you and your team accountable to the decisions you make. My clients love the outside perspective that I give on their dental practice. After all, each practice is unique. There are so many types of personalities, skill levels, strengths and weaknesses that it's important to know the details to give you the best suggestions. Yes, suggestions I say. A dental consultant should not be revamping your office or bossing you around. This is your business and the purpose is to reverse engineer YOUR goals.

My goal is to get my eyes on your practice and show you where the missing revenue is and give you ideas to reach your goals. Whether that is to become a better leader, prevent crisis hiring, help with your systems so you can run like an ecosystem or simply help build confidence. Ultimately, all dentists and dental offices have room for growth. I would love for you to have better retention and long term employees that make your life easy.

The fruitful brainstorming that happens when hiring a dental coach is priceless. This is the part that I really enjoy and love using my business skills to grow a dental office. Think about your nest egg and the legacy you want to leave for your family. Think about relieving stress and spending more time doing the things you love to do.  There is no need to feel isolated and do dentistry alone. I am happy to hop on a call with you, listen and be of a resource to you. I am passionate about serving and giving you great ideas to move you forward. After all, creativity is the key to solving issues.

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