How To Recession Proof Your Dental Practice Post COVID-19

June 3, 2020

Hundreds of dentists are frantically reaching out to me for help. They are overwhelmed, frustrated and scared. Why? Because of the mounting issues with the new way of starting back up. So many decisions to navigate and many dentists have so many irons in the fire that they do not know where to begin. Here's the deal, you need to do what's best for YOU and YOUR family.

I am a business coach, so having a clear business plan is imperative to survive this recession. Being in the dental industry since 1988, I have seen this many times. Yes, we will need to do extra OSHA and CDC required protocols. However, it's imperative to adjust our current business model. I hope you have a clear, defined written business plan. This would include financial and personal goals. In general, my clients and I create a 40 page detailed document. This document will make all your decisions easy. As a dental practice management consultant, I reverse engineer your goals, prioritize and lay out the simple steps on how to get there.

That means you have been closed and you have a blank slate to run the business exactly how you dreamt of running it. Dentists get to pick and choose their ideal patients and dental procedures. As a dental consultant, this is what I help you do; Figure out your ideal patients, the business model you want to have, the ideal schedule to work and train your employees how to serve you and your patients.

More than ever we need the RIGHT employees who are on your bus. We should not be getting any push back or drama. Our patients are scared and want to be seen. So more than ever we need employees who love their job and can inspire your patients.

In order to recession proof your business you will need to train your team on how to answer the phone, how to prevent the "Is it safe?" type questions, audit the charts for account balances or cancellation history, prioritize patients, pre-screen patients, empathize with patients, inspire your patients or potential patients, obtain signed documents ahead of time and pre-collect. Yes, you heard is very rare that your $50 cancellation fees ever improve your practice. Therefore, I never recommend doing this.

I can tell within an hour how well you are doing. Trust me, after over 30 years of working in the dental world, I have seen a lot. I can easily see how well your team is trained by evaluating your practice. If you are a dentist and you want my eyes on your practice, you can simply click on this.

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